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Chuck Norris Ping is our stud dog. His caretaker is our oldest child, our son. Chuck is a purebred Moyen (Medium) Poodle born on December 31, 2018. He is apricot in color with the parti factor. As per his DNA results, he is ALL CLEAR of 171 genetic conditions. Chuck is 17 inches at the withers and breaks the bank at a whopping 18 lbs! He is just as fast as Gracie, respects boundaries and authority (which, if you know poodles, you'd know, they tend to do what THEY want to do), he loves his gals and car rides. Chuck is an amazing boy and lives up to his namesake. 

Video with Piper and Chuck - CLICK HERE TO WATCH



Gracie-Lyn Daisy Ping belongs to our eldest daughter, is our eldest mama and was born December 17, 2017. She is a Purebred, Red Merle Border Collie. Gracie has a heart of gold, and the loving eyes of an angel. She loves to race the cars when they drive past our property, is a rule-follower, and lives and loves to serve! Gracie is 35 lbs and 19 inches at the withers. As per her DNA results, she is ALL CLEAR of 166 genetic conditions. When she has pups, we anticipate they will be medium sized, between 35-45 lb Bordoodles. Mostly reds with soft, curly coats.



Chloe Grace Ping, Is our middle mother, belonging to our youngest daughter, and she was born March 31, 2018. She is Pipers older sister and best friend. She is a Black Tri Purebred Mini American Shepherd. Chloe is a snuggling soul, with a spirit of obedience, and loves to be by our side, in all we do around the farm. She is 27 lbs, and 15 inches tall, at the withers. As per her DNA results, she is ALL CLEAR of 171 genetic conditions. Chloe is tiny, but mighty in spirit and we are expecting small to medium pups from her.



Piper Wendy Ping is our youngest mama. Our middle daughter is responsible for this gals birthday each year, which is November 30, of 2018. Poppin' Pretty Piper is a Blue Merle, Purebred, Mini American Shepherd. Piper, like her sister, is 15 inches at the withers and 25 lbs. As per her DNA results, she is ALL CLEAR of 171 genetic conditions. Piper is unique in more ways than her markings! Her expression of appreciation when you pet her would definitely warm your soul! 

video with Piper and Chuck - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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